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This is a PHP implementation of Puppet Master's original perl script (however I cannot locate his/her site despite the popularity of the script). There are some advantages in that and probably some disadvantages. The code is available to tinker with, so is the data file. If you do make improvements please contact me (I'll even set up decent versioning etc), I am particularly keen to add dates that are less eurocentric. If you do add to the data file it is structured so that the first character (B,S or R) sets a Birthdate, an Event or a Reminder. This is followed by month (always two characters), day (always two characters) and year (4 characters, optional for reminders or unknown. Three numeral years are preceded by a space and there is no support for BC). The next character is use to indicate if a reminder must fall on a certain day (this is a bit of a quick and dirty solution for the moment). Finally the string after that is the description that you want to see appear on the webpage.