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An Ancient Scottish Clan
The Fletchers of Glenorchy

Margaret F.P. Mason

Originally printed in Great Britain

Published by M.F.P. Mason
Flat 43 Meadow Court
Newtown Lane
Dorset, BH31 6LY

Mrs Mason can be contacted directly at the address above (please note that this is a new [and current] address that differs from the originally published version of the book). A small quantity of the print version of this book is still available. Mrs Mason also has an extended Fletcher pedigree of over 600 names that is available directly from her.

We welcome any information, family trees or stories related to the Fletcher clan or Fletchers of Scots origin in general. With permission we will add your material to this site or place a link to your web pages. Contact Gordon.

More Fletcher Clan and Family History Research:

  • The Fletcher DNA Project is being conducted by the Fletcher Family Research Bulletin. The aims of the project are wide-ranging and far-reaching. Participation is invited from Fletcher males (due to the nature of the DNA testing process) worldwide. Participation from English and Scottish Fletchers will assist in understanding the connection to the various US families as well as to establish ancestries and relationships of current researchers who focus on their UK and Commonwealth connections. The Clan Gregor DNA project has already reported some interesting results - giving some indication of what is and what is not possible with this form of research.
  • Fletchers in the Black Book of Taymouth - an earlier work of stories and clan history. This articles uses the Breadalbane's Black Book of Taymouth as source material. The stories are earlier (and bloodier) than those of Mrs Mason's history.
  • Fletchers of Auchallader - a 1972 Scotland's Magazine article.
  • The Mull Fletchers - information about the Fletchers of Mull.
  • Dugald Fletcher of Rhodesia. Personal recollections by Chris Francis of Dugald Fletcher (the hermit) identified by Mrs Mason as part of the Jura branch of the clan who moved to Rhodesia.
  • A Family History of the Prince Edward Island MacEacherns - this family was related to at least one of the Fletcher family's living on Mull in the 18th century.
  • The Family of Angus Fletcher of Glenorchy.
  • Organising members of the Clan Fletcher Society - 1921.
  • Recent photographs of Glenorchy and Auchallader.
  • Snippets of information about Fletchers from various sources.

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Archibald Fletcher of Edinburgh, 1825.