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...free stuff and bonuses
  • it pays to learn
  • free fax - a free faxing service to locations worldwide.
  • free software - over 100 free software packages in a range of categories are available. The only cost is shipping.
  • more free software - a range of packages in a range of categories. The shipping fee is the only cost.
  • still more software - free software in a categories such as games, applications and utilities.
  • free utilities - free packages include optimisation and hardware checking software.
  • free mousepad - by signing up your email address you can receive a free mousemat from a variety of advertisers. This offer is not restricted to US residents.
  • free isp - after paying a single signup fee you can access the internet for free. This is an Australian offer.
  • free news - this site offers free news headline feeds from Europe and the US.
  • free catalogs - have catalogues sent to you from a variety of businesses and organisations around the world.

reward schemes and offers

  • free offers - the freebiclub offers a range of free goods and services.
  • rewards - emailcash offers points for reading email, doing surveys and other activities through their site. This is an Australian offer.
  • points - mypoints also offers points for reading emails, doing surveys, visiting sites and other activities.
  • shopper rebates - by shopping through ebates you receive up to a 25% rebate from well-known brands and stores.

cheap offers and discounts

  • cheap DSL access - locate cheap DSL access to the Internet in the US.
  • mobile computing - shop directly from handspring for the latest in mobile computing technology. Handsprings are Palm clones that can have additional hardware 'plugged-in'.
  • phone services - get cheap phone rate for calls to and from the US. There are also offers for other telecommunications services.
  • buy one share - buy one share of a famous company (Amazon, IBM, Yahoo) and receive the ornate share certificate. There are also options to have the certificate framed and mounted.

If you know of any other freebies or offers that might be worth including on the page please email