spaceless is now able to offer free hosting. because of spam and copyright issues there is no automatic sign up process - this protects us against morons and robots. email with a request for some space and we'll go from there. preference will be given to sites to are compatible with our rather broad perspective. as long as your site doesn't impact on our healthy file storage space or bandwidth allocation your are free to go from there.

your web address will either look like where something is the name you choose or we can point a domain at your website. In others words a person going to will see your pages at The user will never know that your pages are hosted for free at The domain name can be any name or extension such as .com, .org, .fm, .st and others (as long as it is still available). if is no good other domains are also possible (

if you are unfamiliar with HTML and creating web pages have a look at Introduction to Web Page Authoring and Resources for Creating Web Pages. There are many free open source editors available - perhaps PSPad? You can also use the meta search engine scootascope to find more information.

we recommend The GIMP for creating graphics and editing images for your web pages (it is powerful, free and open source). if you require vector editing (like freehand or illustrator) try inkscape (it is free and open source too).

finally we use to suggest a range of search engine submitters. we don't now. if you want spam find them for yourself. we are also working on our own submitter which may be of interest. our suggestion, however, would be to manually submit to google (despite some misgivings), email a select number of relevant and similar sites and perhaps advertise in the 'real world'.

if you are stuck or need some help please contact the spaceless . If you have an idea for a website that you think should be part of the spaceless site contact the too.

the legal stuff. spaceless reserves the right to reject or remove sites that are pornographic, racist, offensive, infringe copyright, ping us off or offer illegal items (including software). spaceless offers no warranty in relation to this hosting service and will not be liable in anyway for downtime or any other circumstance in relation to free hosted sites.

you are welcome to use spaceless to host websites but please do so with consideration to the spaceless (and wider) community.