the lifestyle pages of spaceless cater for a variety of interests. some of the links included on these pages include commercial sites - using these links supports the continued development of spaceless.com. select your interest from the list below. You can return to this page by choosing the 'lifestyle' link from the left hand side drop down menu at any time.

  • gadgets and thingames - a collection of links to various gadgets, gee wizardry, wotsits and thingames.

  • home automation - links to corporate sites and software that help you automate your house. This includes remote controlled cameras, doors, lights, blinds and heating.

  • health - health information categorised by various issues

  • movies - reviews about the latest released mainstream movies

  • travel - links to travel information and resources

  • recipes - recipes from around the world categorised with easy to follow instructions

  • jokes - a range of jokes from one-liners to classics

  • internet - links relating to developing and building an internet presence

  • trivia - this collection is more or less randomly ordered and gathered from a range of sources

  • free stuff - links to free gifts and cheap offers that are available on the Web. Some offers have country restrictions but many are available in all locations.

  • referencing software - this software enables accurate and consistent referencing in long documents.