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...free reports
these reports are drawn from a collection that circulate widely on the web. however, there is usually a price tag attached to viewing the reports and often a dubious multi-level marketing scheme suggesting you can become a millionaire publishing e-books. these collections generally have a high level of repetition that means you are paying for the same information multiple times while also being obviously dated (circa late 1980s) and US focussed.

the reports presented here are some of the more interesting and useful ones that are available, they are assumed to be copyright free. some of the reports also have additional notes added (in green) that updates the information.

scams and ripoff

dubious business practices

multi-level marketing scams
if you see the word 'downline' run away...


food and drink

web things

small business and fund raising ideas

publicity and promotion

  • low cost promotion ideas - ideas that could be applied to community groups, schools and small businesses equally.
  • selling words - the most common words used to sell a product or service.

profitting from specific skills or circumstances
these suggestions are presented to suggest sound business alternatives to involvement in multi-level marketing schemes...