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about spaceless

The spaceless.com name has been registered since late 1997 and is a partnership between Anita Greenhill and Gordon Fletcher. Although the server itself is housed in the US we both work and live in the South East Queensland region of Australia.

Anita is completing her PhD in Information Systems at Griffith University and is employed by the School of Management, Logan Campus, Griffith University. Gordon currently teaches at the Queensland Institute of Business and Technology , and is completing his PhD about exchange practices on the Internet.

spaceless was originally set up to house the Humanities HUB after the Griffith University website was reorganised. spaceless has also been used to house various projects and 'experiments' many of which never saw the light of day.

We have restructured the site a number of times since then and added a wide range of features and diversions.

- ICQ UIN: 481 983 50